Food Revolution Day

Image via Jamie Oliver's website.

Image via Jamie Oliver’s website.

Today feels a little like Christmas to me.

Chef Jamie Oliver created a day to literally bring the world together on an issue that no single human being can avoid: the food we eat.

He calls it Food Revolution Day, and today is the day. He’s imploring anyone and everyone to “Cook it, Share it, or Live it” in hopes to shine a worldwide spotlight on the quality of food and cooking around the world (hint: it’s not great).

For Food Revolution Day, Oliver wants us in our kitchens cooking from scratch. Or, shouting as loud as possible on social media. Or, signing petitions to get more food education in our schools, or better lunch meat at schools.

I admire Oliver so much for taking up this important cause and using his platform as a celebrity chef for something so positive.

What do I mean by platform?  Have you ever read the book “Platform” by Michael Hyatt?

The official title of the book is: “Platform: Get Noticed in Noisy World” which pretty much sums it up.

It’s a fantastic, practical book that teaches you to use the proper building blocks to increase your audience; to build your platform.

For some of us, we want a platform to grow our business. Or our blog. For Oliver, it’s a cause. A cause that in so many ways could save the world.

He built a platform on cooking shows and cookbooks. Now, he’s one of our leading voices in changing what we eat. In getting back into the kitchen and (re)learning the cooking traditions of past generations.

But what about the rest of us? What if we don’t have a NY Times bestselling cookbook? Or a blog that gets 80 bazillion page views a day?

Our platform is with our friends. Our family. Our communities.

Are we using our platforms for good? Are we trying to make a difference in and around the people we can influence?

We need to be.  As Christians, using our platform for good is the best thing we could be doing.  Yes, there’s been plenty of negative stories that have come out about Christianity in the last few years. But what if we all used our platforms—however large or small they may be—for good?

How many people could we bless? Could we change the world?

For me, I care about food. I know first-hand about how good food makes a difference—sometimes a miraculous one—in your life (I’ll post more on that topic next week).  For me, I want to use my platform to engage people of the Christian faith in the same fight that Jamie Oliver is leading; get back to the earth. Get back to eating foods that come from the earth and not a box. Get back in the kitchen.

What do you care about? And how could you use your platform for good?



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