Friday Five: First Edition

Before- church garden

Five things I loved this week (yes, that includes this patch of dirt). Or in this case, four things I loved and one that likely caused permanent damage to my emotional stability:

  1. This blog is reality now. It’s been on my heart to write something on this topic for months now, but I kept thinking I wasn’t ready yet. I launched it this week, and I’m so glad I did. If you have read the first two posts and started following me, thank you!
  2. Our community garden at church. I’m certain I will post more on this in the weeks to come, but we turned over the dirt in the small patch pictured above on our church property this week. We planted bell peppers, tomatoes and corn. I couldn’t be more excited about this project. I hope it grows and grows (uh, pun not intended) and we can feed those who attend our church and the community.  I have never really grown anything before, but seeking local food options outside of the industrial food chain has become a huge passion of mine, and this was an idea sprang from that. It was so fun to learn more about the planting process. I can’t wait to see what grows!
  3. Handsome CoffeeHandsome Coffee. I had the opportunity to learn about the coffee roasting and brewing process at Handsome Coffee in Downtown Los Angeles this past Saturday. The owners donated their time as part of Food Forward’s Foodsteader Series.  They make some incredible coffee (I’m sipping it as we speak) and I love that hospitality is part of their ethos. If you like coffee, buy some from these guys. Like, now.
  4. This post over on the Mother Nature Network on reducing food waste in your own kitchen. As there millions in this country that are food insecure, to say nothing of those around the world who struggle to find food to eat on a daily basis, we should be good stewards of the food we buy and how we take care of it.
  5. This is off topic, but as an Arizona Wildcat fan, that loss to Ohio State last night was brutal.  My awesome husband ended up getting us tickets, and win or lose you just can’t beat seeing those games live. I’m actually sore because of how tense I was the whole game. Next year Wildcats. Next year.

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